Loft conversions are ideal for houses with lower rooflines, helping to provide the maximum amount of space in your home.

By expanding the headspace and floorspace of your property, dormer conversions produce vast, versatile areas - perfect for games rooms, home cinemas or however else you might use the space.

Whether you are considering a flat roof dormer or an attic conversion, there is no doubt that the job will transform your home. The specialist team at Scarcroft are here to offer expert advice at every stage of the project, ensuring you get the loft you have always wanted.

We ensure our services are clear and transparent, allowing your preferences to be front and centre for all the crucial decisions made throughout your project.

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Loft conversions are the perfect way to turn an empty space into useful everyday rooms, to use however you wish, including a bedroom, gym or office - making loft conversions the most cost-effective and simple option when trying to include more space into your home. Our specialists will help convert your loft into a bespoke conversion, maximising the space inside whilst making sure you don’t have to sacrifice any much loved outdoor space. With all this in mind, loft conversion specialist Leeds understand space can be very precious and essential, therefore we ensure to offer you with-high quality results and provide you with an area you can utilise and adapt to many different uses allowing you to elevate the value of your home easily. At Scarcroft loft conversions we create a solution when you’re craving extra space, but are not willing to sacrifice any much used space . Our specialists guarantee to provide you with comfort, and an area that can be used to both relax and use for practicality. To ensure we provide you with a maximising, high standard conversion, Scarcroft loft conversions work alongside trusted traders and quality suppliers to make sure we provide a premium service for all our clients. Every project gets treated with the same high level of attention to detail, as our specialists deliver fantastic results, our loft conversion specialists Leeds offer incredible customer service to every loft conversion no matter what the budget or space provided is.

Max space:

The space provided from the loft conversion can be utilised for whatever you wish. The loft conversion transforms the space into a versatile area by expanding the headspace and floorspace of your property. This new area can be perfect for bedrooms, games rooms or even a home cinema, whatever you envision the new space to be our specialists will help transform you ideas into reality as you can personalise the space to however you wish. Whether you are considering a flat roof dormer attic conversion or have an existing conversion you would like to add a dormer, to create maximum space and possible a new bedroom with en-suite. there is no doubt that the conversion will transform your home and is a perfect way of gaining extra room whilst not wasting any already used space. Our specialist team at Leeds are here to offer you with expert advice at every stage of the project- ensuring we provide you with the loft you have always wanted. Here at Leeds we ensure our services are clear and transparent, allowing your preferences on the conversion to maintain our front and centre focus when making all the crucial decisions that are made throughout the project

Architects + designers:

At Scarcroft loft conversions, our architects help you bring your visions to life and are the backbone of the project. Throughout the project our expert architects will work alongside you to construct two and three dimensional drawings and sketches. By combining our team of designers specific skills and expertise, Scarcroft loft conversions will help you to create the perfect plans for your perfect loft conversion. Here at Leeds, you can trust you will be in safe hands when dealing with Scarcroft’s architectural designers, helping you to decide the correct specifications to suit the functionality of your space. We make sure to take into consideration key elements including light, materials and building regulations to leave you confidently loving your new conversion without any regrets or mistakes. Furthermore, a clear and concise plan will be crafted to guarantee your design process runs as smoothly as possible and the final product matches your vision.

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Converting your loft will enable you to utilise the space within your house without sacrificing your outside space.